Unicode Pad Pro app lets you browse and use thousands of fun and strange characters defined by the Unicode standard. It includes a text editor with customizable keyboards and fast, smart search.

We believe that Unicode Pad Pro is the best character map application in the App Store, far superior to anything else available!!!


  • Huge selection of symbols (thousands), in fact all that are available on your device. Database itself actually contains data for all Unicode characters (over 143850), but only glyphs available in iOS system font are actually visible.
  • Notepad with customizable keyboards, for your often-used characters and for copying several characters at once. Great for casual writing, too!
  • Copy characters to clipboard for use in other apps, like web, mail, chat, notes… practically any iOS app!
  • Use your custom keyboards in any app!
  • Share your custom keyboards with your friends!
  • Support for Unicode 15 standard, which has many new symbols, including emojis!
  • Extended fonts covering many characters otherwise not available on iOS.
  • Download additional custom keyboards from the internet repository.
  • Streamlined design, specifically optimized for each device. Support for all device orientations and Retina™ display.
  • Autorepeating cursor keys. Also, you can drag left and right on custom keyboards or text editing area to move the cursor even easier!
  • Optional Backspace, New Line, Shift and Alt keys on custom keyboards!
  • Custom keyboard sizes up to 6×16 = 96 keys!
  • Set notepad font size and family.
  • Send mail and tweets right from within the app!
  • Search for characters by name, hexadecimal codepoint or glyph! Find similar and related characters instantly!
  • View extended character descriptions on Wikipedia, right inside the app! This works particularly great for emoticons!
  • One universal application works on iPhone, iPod and iPad!
  • Reference booklet of characters available on modern computers! Paper Unicode maps are over 1000 pages long!
  • Developers: see which characters are available on your iOS device!
  • Great for scientific, mathematical and physics notation, handles many superscripts, subscripts and other symbols!
  • Great for phonetic notation!
  • Great for writing Unicode poetry!
  • Great for making interesting app names!
  • HTML entity names for relevant characters
  • UNIHAN english definitions for CJK ideograms for many characters
  • Flick left and right for next and previous characters in detail view
  • Tested on latest iOS
  • Affordable price!
  • Free “lite” version available!


Great app. Worth 10 times the price!

If possible, i would rate it 500 stars…

This app is so wonderful. It’s great for creating any kind of design, or writing in pretty fonts. It’s also great for writing in different languages. It’s a must have.

If you are at all interested in working with fonts, get this app. Unicode Pad Pro is one of those powerful apps without any equal or alternative, one which fundamentally enhances the basic use of iOS. The character lookup is powerful. But it’s the ability to customize each key of the keyboards which makes this app absolutely nonpareil. When paired with a font installation tool such as FondFont, one is able to load custom fonts into iOS for any range or use.

I just wanted to say the latest upgrade is great. To have access to the wider language scripts in Unicode, such as cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs and others, is a vast improvement. Brilliant!

I’ve been typing Hebrew in Windows and eventually found the IOS Hebrew keyboard, but IOS doesn’t offer vowels or cantillation marks. Unicode Pro offers a Complete Hebrew keyboard that you can download and install. You need a font that has all those marks; Times New Roman and Arial work, but other fonts may or may not have the marks, and other fonts may or may not position them correctly. But now I can type Hebrew on an IOS device with no compromises, and I venture to say I can use other languages and writing systems too; and I can make custom keyboard arrangements when I want. I’m utterly delighted.

This beautiful app is a godsend for all those who have bemoaned the lack of phonetic symbols and fonts on the iPad. With the Unicode Pad one can easily find and copy (even to a custom keyboard) any of thousands of characters from writing systems as diverse as the Akkadian, Chinese, and Cherokee scripts. A boon for those working with languages! I especially recommend the Unicode Pad Pro version, which costs only slightly more than the standard one. Both are excellent and inexpensive.

Fab little app!! 11.5/10!!

The iPhone and iPad can display many character glyphs; Unicode Map gives easy access to them all. Very nicely done!

It has practically every symbol I need when typing up a message (:

Clear, clean and simple, yet complete catalogue. Fast and stable app. Love the button to pop-up the Wikipedia page for a glyph. My one wish would be for a option to ‘Copy as HTML’, only that might be ‘a button too far’. It is all so sweet just as it is.

Talk about full featured, you can even create and email keyboards! Works beautifully.

Finally an app that allows me to use my iPad in ways I could not before. Thank you for making Unicode easy.

This should be a standard iPad app. Now I can finally insert my frequent symbols ² ½ ← → ± ∑ Ω ∞ ° ∅ ⊕ ⊖ Love the cursor keys, if only the standard keyboard had these!

This is by far the best “special characters” app. In a nicely designed layout, it gives access to EVERY character the iOS can produce, including all the fancy emoji available, lots of math/logic symbols, and languages like Tibetan. Plus it allows you to set up your own keyboard, if by chance you need to write in emoji, logic, or Tibetan on a somewhat basis. This one app can replace about 1000 others. What’s not to like?

The iPad natively includes many (though by no means all) Unicode characters, but the iOS keyboards don’t provide users easy access to those characters. This app opens up a whole world of possibilities for Unicode text entry. I’ll be using it primarily to enter Hebrew text with nikkud, but anybody who wants to access characters that aren’t on the system keyboards should definitely give this app a whirl. It’s become an important part of my workflow within hours of purchase. As a college professor, I especially appreciate the function that allows me to share my custom keyboards with students and colleagues. Before you buy, though, be sure you understand that you type the text within Unicode Maps and then copy/paste to get it into other apps (including web pages that accept text input). The app doesn’t modify the system keyboards. One suggestion for future development: add a backspace/delete button to the bar above the keyboard (where the right/left cursor and keyboard selection buttons are).

I tried many Unicode apps and I like this app very much. The main page has many custom catalogs. They contain various related characters. The custom keyboard function is very good, too. I got rid of all Hindi & Gujarati transliteration apps after installing this app. The search function works well. This app needs some improvements that’s why 4 star rating. Must have app to view all the characters that can be displayed by your iDevice.

This is an excellent app for including a very wide range of characters and symbols not available as standard on the iPad. Very simple to use and well designed. It completely solves my problem of introducing occasional mathematical symbols and the range of number symbols in non Latin scripts is very good too. A generalist rather than specialist package, but that is what I wanted.

I love your Unicode maps!

I wasted money on Easy symbols and Character Pad. You would not believe how many science guys out there would buy this app if they knew it could do negative exponents and subscripts alone.

The simplicity of this app is it’s strength: all the Unicode characters (there are thousands) are here, shown in their respective categories, & with a couple of clicks can be copied to the clipboard, added to your favourites or – a brilliant feature – you’re taken to the Wikipedia article about that symbol! Plus, the definition/meaning of the symbol is shown beneath, great for all those foreign letters! All in all, this is a superb app, simple, streamlined & very useful indeed.

I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to insert more special characters than what can be found on the iPad keyboard (even with using all the tricks like holding down keys). Thanks to the developers for making a handy app!

No other Unicode-table app has so clean a presentation, or so flexible an entry technique — and it’s universal, and the iPad layout is done properly and intuitively.

Tried all the others, and I do mean all, paid versions and free. This is the only Unicode app I’ve kept, the only one that’s proven useful.

Exactly what I’ve been looking for.. It has EVERY character possible on the iPhone.. If that wasn’t enough their all categorized in an easy and fast layout.. So great.. Thanks guys! Just a few of my favorite! ☣☢☠☬☫⚔⚜✯✠༄༒གྷ

It’s a shame apple hasn’t added the ability to use these keyboard within the OS, but this solves it all! I’m glad this app keeps growing, and I hope to see more updates!

Seldom, if ever, do i write a review. This app is well done. If you an interest in Unicode… This is the app.

Thank you for such a fine application and you can count on my support! I’m a Unicode junkie, thanks now especially to Unicode Map….

Thanks for this wonderful product.

The best Unicode app I’ve ever tried.

Amazing app! Great for makin names on other apps!!

I think that you’ll be surprised at how useful this App might turn out to be.

I find your Unicode Maps app very useful.

Thanks so much for this very useful and easy to use application.

I like your app as it gives a flexibility to iPad.

It is a good app.

Good symbols and punctuation.

Ꭶͥͪͭ ༷‣₳₱₱ྀ ℹ౭͎ऀ ᎪۛᏔ͢ᎬᏕᎾ͡ᎷᏋೢ՞❥͎✧⋆ I ಇ it ☺ Its really fun.

Hi. I have the unicode app and I love it.

Killer app I love it

TH͢͡͡IS AP͛͛͜͜P IS͡͠ S̸͟͟͞͞͞O C͝͝͡OOLͯͯ

Get this app.


v15.2 Released in June 2023
  • New and updated fonts
  • Space bar support on custom keyboards
  • Bug fixes
v15.1 Released in January 2023
  • Glyphs are conveniently grouped by block
  • Updated fonts
  • Bug fixes
v15.0 Released in Autumn 2022
  • Support for Unicode 15
  • Font installer
  • Updated fonts
  • More use of SF symbols icons
  • Bug fixes
v14.4 Released in Summer 2022
  • Better keyboard editing on iphone
  • Swipe down gesture on infobox to close keyboard
  • Swipe left/right on infobox to move cursor
  • Show CJK ideograph IDS decomposition in infobox
  • Updated fonts
  • Bug fixes
v14.3 Released in March 2022
  • Support for Unicode 14
  • Updated fonts BabelstoneHan, Unifont, Scheherezade, Dai Banna
  • New font Catrinity
  • Haptic feedback when moving the cursor in editor. This is fun!
  • Bug fixes
v14.2 Released in March 2021
  • Added Hanazono fonts for much better CJK coverage
  • Updated BabelStone Han font
  • Ideographic Description Sequences (IDS) for CJK
  • Links from detail view to appropriate CJK radical catalogs
  • Stroke numbers are now displayed in CJK radical catalogs
  • Speak button in detail view to read out aloud a character
  • Bug fixes
v14.1 Released in November 2020
  • Support for exporting custom keyboards to files
  • QuickLook preview for custom keyboards
  • Dark mode improvements
  • Keyboard fixes for iPhone
  • Bug fixes
v14.0 Released in November 2020
  • Dark mode
  • Support for many new unicode blocks available in iOS 14
  • Updated BabelStone, unifont and SIL fonts
  • Better support for new iOS overall
  • Bug fixes
v13.1 Released in April 2020
  • Updated BabelStone Han font
  • Bug fixes
v13 Released in March 2020
  • Unicode 13 database
  • Updated BabelStone Han and unifont fonts
  • New BabelStone Shapes font
v12.1 Released in June 2019
  • Unicode 12 database
  • Updated BabelStone Han and unifont fonts
v12.0 Released in February 2019
  • Font manager for custom fonts
  • More fonts sizes in catalogs
  • Improved emoji support (sequences)
  • Faster search
  • Help button
  • Updated fonts
  • Application shortcuts for 3D touch
v11.2 Released in July 2018
  • Unicode 11.0 database
  • Updated fonts
  • Improved app state restoration
  • Display characters in Private Use Areas (PUAs)
  • Pinch gesture to change font size in catalogs
v11.1 Released in January 2018
  • Updated fonts
  • Improved layout on certain small screens
  • Keyboard sharing by email works better now
  • Notepad keyboard displayed in currently selected font
  • Stability improvements in keyboard extension
v11.0 Released in December 2017
  • Drag and drop support on iPad
  • Improved compatibility with iPhone X
  • Updated Symbola and BabelStoneHan fonts
  • Performance improvements (faster display of search results, etc)
v10.5 Released in September 2017
  • Improved font selector, also available in catalogs on all devices
  • New up and down gestures in detail view
  • Improved compatibility with iOS 11
  • Updated fonts
v10.4 Released in July 2017
  • Unicode 10.0 database
  • Updated fonts
  • iPad pro 10.5 keyboard fixes
v10.3 Released in June 2017
  • Performance improvements
v10.2 Released in April 2017
  • Super smooth scrolling at 60 FPS
  • Updated fonts: BabelStone Han, Aegean, Akkadian, Analecta, DejaVu, Unifont
  • Improved compatibility with iOS 9
v10.1 Released in January 2017
  • Nicer looking layouts for keyboard toolbars
  • Globe button now shows menu for fast keyboard switching
  • Double tap shift for shift lock
  • Autorepeat on space and backspace keys
  • Glyph size option in catalogs on iPad
  • Scripts can now be sorted alphabetically, by region or by age.
  • Overall improved keyboard responsiveness
  • Improved symbol selections: Notational Systems, Picturelike Letters
  • Updated BabelStone Han font, new Amiri and KikakuiSansPro fonts
  • Infobox now displays all codes in composed characters correctly. This also works great for new emoji!
v10.0 Released in October 2016
  • Much easier adding of characters to custom keyboards directly from the character detail view
  • Copy glyphs as PDF or PNG image
  • New sections of favourite and recently copied characters
  • Links to more relevant websites for additional info, such as and emojipedia
  • Character info display widget in notepad now available on the iPhone
  • Character detail view somewhat beautified
  • Many other smaller improvements and bug fixes
v9.2 Released in July 2016
  • All unicode blocks at least partially covered now!
  • Unicode 9.0 database
  • New BabelStone Tangut and SIL Mingzat extended fonts
  • Updated Symbola, BabelStone Han, DejaVu and Unifont fonts
  • Long-press on a glyph for a popup-menu is back
  • Sleeker animations and overall user interface improvements
  • Improvements in support for split-screen multitasking
v9.1 Released in June 2016
  • Support for new blocks on iOS 9: Avestan, Bamum, Brahmi, Mongolian, Ol Chiki, Phags-pa, Rejang
  • Glyph shadows on keys are gone!
  • Bug fixes for custom keyboards
v9.0 Released in November 2015
  • Unicode 8.0 database with new emojis, like UNICORN FACE
  • Full support for iOS 9 multitasking slide over and split view
  • Updated extended fonts with many more unicode 7 and 8 blocks
  • Color emojis support improved, now faster and with a toggle switch
  • Custom keyboards no longer require full access to use
  • Overall bug fixes, improvements and refinements
v8.1 Released in July 2015
  • Handy character info display in notepad (iPad only). Tap to select. Tap again for more info.
  • Cursor movement bug fixes
  • All three versions of app unified and updated to latest version
v8.0 Released in March 2015 as Unicode Pad Pro
  • Adapted to iOS 8
  • Custom keyboards can be used in other apps
  • See which fonts contain a character
  • Unicode 7.0 database
  • Updated extended fonts
v6.3 Released in April 2014
  • Adapted for iOS 7
v7.0 Released in November 2013 as Unicode Pad Pro
  • Adapted to iOS 7
  • Added selections for arabic and all symbols
  • Added catalog by KangXi radicals
  • Added “Open In…” to notepad
  • Font previews in font menu
v6.2 Released in April 2013
  • Two finger drag gesture to select text
  • Big symbols now fit better on small keyboards
  • Better display of related characters (backlinks)
  • Search now supports multiple words
  • Bug fixes
v6.1 Released in March 2013
  • Fixed Undo from crashing on iOS 6
  • Now you can set notepad font on iPhone
  • Now you can send text messages on iPhone
v6.0 Released in February 2013
  • Awesome red leather toolbars
  • Support for extended fonts, greatly expanding a number of visible characters.
  • Super cool cursor movement gestures – drag left and right in notepad text area to move the cursor!
  • Unicode 6.2 database
  • Font settings in notepad (iPad only)
  • iMessage support (iPad only)
  • Somewhat more responsive keyboard
v5.8 Released in September 2012
  • New catalog section for unicode scripts
  • Sort blocks by name, code or age; section index for quick alphabetical access
  • Get more custom keyboards from our keyboard repository
  • Submit your own keyboards for inclusion in keyboard repository, making them available to all users of the app
  • Improved character info view: see more info, jump to related characters, works in landscape on the iPhone
  • Search improvements – now comments are searched, too!
  • Eliminated unnecessary long press gesture to bring up the keyboard menu. Now just tap!
  • Upgraded for iOS 6 and 4′ display
v5.7 Released in July 2012
  • Mail sending window is now bigger
  • Notepad now auto-focuses where last character was pasted, so you can find it more easily
  • Few new cool user interface animations
  • Other small user interface refinements
  • No longer crashes like crazy on jailbroken devices with ActionMenu hack
v5.6 Released in May 2012
  • Drag your finger left and right on custom keyboard to move the cursor. Awesome!!!
  • Show undefined code points characters on gray background
  • Fixed a bug with keyboard keys not displaying correctly on iPhone
v5.5 Released in April 2012
  • Special keys on custom keyboards: Backspace, New Line, Shift, Alt
  • Custom keyboard size can now be increased up to 6×16 keys!
  • Cursor keys autorepeat! This is fun!!!!
  • Unicode 6.1 database
  • Retina display support on all devices
  • iPhone: keyboard keys now pop up, so you can actually see what you type
  • Tested on iOS 5.1
v5.3 Released in December 2011
  • Unidings
v5.2 Released in November 2011
  • Bug fixes
v5.1 Released in October 2011
  • Added crash reporter
v5.0 Released in October 2011
  • Share custom keyboards with your friends
  • Notepad now features built-in Mail and Twitter
  • Improved catalogs browser
  • iOS 5 support
v4.1 Released in August 2011
  • Better support for color emojis
v4.0 Released in January 2011
  • Much improved user interface overall, support for all orientations
  • Notepad with customizable keyboards
  • Unicode 6.0 database
v3.0 Released in August 2010
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Better character database
  • iOS 4 support
v2.0 Released in June 2010
  • Support for iPad
  • Copy characters to clipboard
  • Links to Wikipedia articles
v1.0 Released in April 2010
  • A map of all available characters
  • Detail view for each individual character

Privacy Policy

The UnicodeKeys keyboard extension requires “Allow full access privileges” exclusively to access custom keyboard definitions in the main Unicode Pad Pro app. No data is passed from keyboard extension to the main app. The main app itself collects no personal user data.